Wedding hair extensions
Wedding Hair Extensions in London


Preparing for your wedding day is exciting but but extremely daunting.  After days and weeks looking for wedding hairstyle ideas you still wonder whether you should where your hair up or down, whether your hairstyle will last throughout the whole day and how well your style will suit you.

It gets even more complicated if your hair is too thin or too short for your ideal hairstyle.  When trying to work out what style will be best for you, adding hair extensions into the mix will give you the option to turn thin and fine hair into a mane of flawless waves or short hair into a full, chic bun.  Once you add hair extensions to your hairstyle options you can start to look for hairstyles that may suit your dress options.  Medium length and long hair are very versatile when it comes to hairstyle options.

If you are thinking about a hair extension style for your big day it is important to have a consultation with a hair extension technician and work out what fits within your budget.


If you are having your hair and make-up professionally done, it is very important to book a trial.  If you decide to wear hair extensions for your nuptials, it is important you have you extensions fitted at least one week before your hair and make-up trial.

Before you have your hair extensions fitted you will need a consultation around a week before the expected fitting date.  it is best to book two or three so you can choose the stylist you prefer most.

Your consultation includes precise colour matching and specific advice regarding the hair weave or hair extension method that is most appropriate for your hair type. You will also have the opportunity to to discuss any hair loss or thinning issues you may be experiencing.  Most hair extension consultations take around 30 minutes and at this point you should be given a quotation.

During a hair extension consultation the hair extension technician should:

  • Assess the overall health of your hair and scalp
  • Discuss your budget for the hair extensions service
  • Discuss any previous positive (or negative) hair extension issues
  • Select an extension hair type that matches your hair
  • Discuss any relevant, home maintenance needed
  • Discuss the most appropriate hair extension method for you
  • Give you a final quote for your hair extension service including final cut and finish

When you go for your hair extension consultation, make sure your hair is freshly washed with no additional product.  Wear your hair down with only a rough blow dry so the technician can get an idea of your natural hair texture.  Bring any wedding hair accessories including your veil and also a photo of your dress so the technician can get a good idea of the neckline.  Wear an item of clothing the same colour as your wedding dress.


While hair extensions are a great option for boosting length and volume, there are some other considerations that need to be taken into account.  Think about how many looks you will want to attempt during the trial or on the final wedding day.  Certain application methods may be more restrictive than others.  For example, weaves are great for adding a significant amount of length and a huge amount of volume, but they are not great for up-dos.  Brazilian knots and micro rings on the other hand may be styled in a number of different ways.

Some good questions to ask at your wedding hair trial:

Are you used to working with hair extensions?

  • If you are unable to make it, do you have a back-up stylist with experience working with hair extensions>
  • How long will hair and make-up take on the day?
  • How do you need me to prepare my hair on the day?
  • Is there anyway my hair extensions could be adjusted to be easier to work with or to achieve the required styles?


Add microring hair extensions or a hair weave for the bridal hair of your dreams. You can consider a bohemian style, romantic half up half down or a beautiful side-swept messy braid.  Hair extensions are an easy way to add some oomph to your wedding day hairstyle.  You can use a variety of hair extension application methods to suit your budget.  For a low cost hair extension method that adds volume or length try a hair weave, for a strand-by-strand hair extension option try micro rings or Brazilian knots.

wedding hair style

Credit @_lauradeolieira wears 26″ Invisi ponytail from @beauytworks_online 

Bridal ponytail with twists – A modern hairstyle for suited to a chic wedding theme with a backless or strapless dress.

wedding hair style

Credit @_lauradeolieira wears 26″ Invisi ponytail from @beauytworks_online 

Bridal ponytail with twists – A modern hairstyle for suited to a chic wedding theme with a backless or strapless dress.

Credit @mollysmith19 wears 22″ Bohemian blonde waved with the Flat Iron Wave bar, both from @beauytworks_online 

Centre part, long and wavy – A romantic hairstyle for a beach theme or a romantic theme.


Don’t wait until your wedding day to realise that the wedding hair of your dreams need a bit of extra (faux) support.  Book in a consultation at least two weeks before your wedding hair trial and if you choose to try extensions, have these fitted at least a week before.  Good preparation ahead of time will allow the ironing out of any potential kinks and allow you and the technician enough time to work together and achieve the hair of your dreams.