Project Description

Hair Extensions

Strand-By-Strand Hair Extensions

Beatrice Rosen for Batman: The Dark Knight

I got a call from the Errol Douglas salon. It was a hair Extension emergency! For some reason, an actress’ hair extensions working on the latest Batman movie had gone green and needed to be replaced by that afternoon. I guzzled down my coffee and hopped in a cab. Upon arrival I recognised the actress, Beatrice Rosen, sitting with a predictably sullen face. After a lot of convincing she abandoned the idea of micro-ring hair extensions and went for the method I have developed myself; Glueless Strand-By-Strand Hair Extensions.

The hair had to be styled in a simple up-do for a scene in which she made an entrance as Bruce Wayne’s partner, so it had to be discreet. I took her and her make-up artist to Michael Ratajczaks (the go-to place for Spanish hair) where we oohed and aahed over a selection of blondes. We then hot-footed it back to the salon with the lovely Beatrice cheering up along the way. I worked on her hair for about 7 hours and the results were beautiful. I got a phonecall a couple of days later to say that they had seen the first edits and the hair looked great!