Hair extensions for thin hair

Permanent hair extensions for thin hair

Permanent hair extensions are hair extensions that are secured to your hair by any means for more than a period of one month.  Our strand-by-strand hair extensions are applied with a small amount of thread so they can be used on thin, weak hair without causing hair loss.  There are many causes of thin hair, during your consultation we will evaluate if they are genetic or mechanical.  When applying permanent extensions to thin hair we ensure there is as little tension as possible to prevent damage to the hair follicle.

Are permanent hair extensions safe for thin hair?

If your hair is thin due to genetic reasons  you can supplement your diet with zinc and MSM, this will help prolong the growing cycle of your hair which will result in less shedding.  Less shedding means less risk that the hair extensions will pull at your own hair.  When we add hair extensions to thin hair we ensure to add only as much weight as your thin hair can support so as not exacerbate any problems you are having with your hair.   If too much weight is added then the extensions will cause further thinning of your hair and possibly result in traction alopecia.

“I have worked with many women who have fine hair.  You are likely to find your hair much easy to style as your hair will have more body.  A hair weave can also be used to add volume to thin hair.  Contact me at my private London hair extension salon for more information about permanent hair extensions for fine hair.” – Shannel