How Do Permanent Hair Extensions Compare To Clip In Hair Extensions?

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Permanent hair extensions are attached to your natural hair for a fixed period of time and clip in hair extensions are attached to your hair temporarily with metal combs.  The great thing about permanent hair extensions is that they are professionally fitted to your hair.  Your hair extension technician should be an expert at hair extension placement so you are likely to end up with a very natural result. Permanent hair extensions can be coloured, cut and styled to blend in with your own hair as the placement will not change over time.  If you are planning to wear extensions daily then permanent hair extensions would be more appropriate.

Clip in hair extensions are great for occasional use.  If you would like to wear extensions for a special event like a wedding or a birthday then clip in hair extensions are a great choice.  It’s not advisable to wear clip in hair extensions regularly or overnight as the metal combs can cause your hair shaft to eventually fray which eventually leads to breakage.  If you choose to wear clip in hair extensions it’s best to limit your usage to once a fortnight.

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