The main differences between the two are cost and length of time each hair extension style will ultimately last.  A hair weave is easy on the pocket and will last you up to 8 weeks whereas the strand-by-strand hair extension methods such as micro ring hair extensions and the Brazilian knots hair extension service is more expensive initially but in the long run is a great investment for those who intend to wear extensions long term. Both types of  extensions allow you to wear you hair up in ponytails and neither are not vulnerable to heated styling tools and products.


When deciding on a hair weave or strand-by-strand hair extensions consider;

Volume & Length; All techniques can offer extra length and volume, but a hair weave is generally more suitable if you are starting from hair above shoulder length and you want to add more than 6 inches of length.  If you want to add less than 6 inches, a stand-by-strand option can work well.

Colour; If you have highlighted or multi-tonal colour, a strand-by-strand hair extension service may be preferable as each individual hair extension strand can be custom blended during the application process.  On the other hand, extension hair for a hair weave can be ordered with a balayage and highlighted colour blend with up to 3 colours.

Budget; Bottom line…hair weaves are cheap as chips whereas strand-by-strand hair extensions are a bit more expensive but last a lot longer.  Let your purse do the talking on this one ladies!

Overall look; Hair weaves and strand-by-strand hair extensions both look very natural.  With the strand-by-strand options, there are a larger number of textures available, so if you have any hair, this may be a better option for you.

Versatility; Some women find strand-by-strand hair extensions are more versatile than a hair weave as they can be more easily styled into a high ponytail, hair weaves can be worn in a low ponytail.

Safety; Most adhesive-free hair extensions application methods are very safe for your natural hair.  Choosing a strand-by strand application method such as micro rings, Brazilian knots or a hair weave means your hair should be entirely safe in the hands of a professional.


When I first decided to set up a hair extension business it was important to me that I offered the very best hair extension service possible. This ultimately left me with three choices…the micro ring hair  extensions, Brazilian knots and the hair weave service. There are many factors that make these hair extension techniques the best in the market.

1. Heat and chemical free application and removal
2. No need for pliers or tools that can cause mechanical damage to the hair
3. The extension attachments are based on thread rather than adhesives or  metal rings.
4. No professional monthly maintenance appointments necessary.
5. Safe and gentle on the natural hair!