Hair Extensions For Women Over 40


As we age it is normal for our hair to gradually begin to underwhelm us.  As the years creep by our metabolism starts to slow meaning our cells regenerate at a slower rate which can affect the rate of hair growth and it’s density.  A slower metabolism also can cause increased shedding and hairs can be finer when they do grow back.  If you are producing less sebum, then your hair can start to feel brittle and will be less resistant to breakage and more prone to split ends.  But the good times are not over, far from it in fact.  To prove it, we’ve put together a list of our favourite hair extension styles every woman in her 40’s should try.


Hair extensions women over 40

Photo credits: Vogue magazine, Style Bistro

Style tip:  A sultry, soft and understated casual look suitable for all types of occasion.  To create this style at home, use a large wave wand on dry hair.  Create a side or centre parting and comb out and tangles.  Mist hair lightly with holding spray and clamp, hold and release from the mid lengths to the ends of your hair.  Using a paddle brush, gently brush out waves from the roots to the ends.  Add shine and softness with a smoothing serum.

Get the look: Choose a 16 inch length only hair weave service with Beauty Works extension hair.  Try the jumbo waver from Beauty Works for extra impact.


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Style tip:  A messy side braid take a specific amount of precision and messiness to get the right final look.  Start by giving yourself a deep side part and then separate your hair in to two sections and then two sections again.  Starting with the left section, cross underneath the neighbouring section, then the third section and then finally the fourth section as if you were basket weaving your hair.  Continue until your hair is fully braided and secure with a clear elastic band.  Carefully tug sections of the braid apart to disrupt the tidy braid to give a messy look being careful not to pull too hard.

Get the look: Choose an 18 inch volume and length microring hair extension service with Beauty Works extension hair.


Style tip:  Starting with dry hair, use a tail comb to create a slightly off centre parting for a touch of classic glamour.  Lightly mist hair with heat protector and begin wrapping one or two inch sections around a tong and hold for 5-8 seconds.  Repeat throughout hair until you have a head of bouncy curls.  Finish by smoothing with an oval dressing brush for a head of glamorous waves.

Get the look: Choose an 18 inch volume and length hair weave service with Beauty Works extension hair.


Hair extension styles for women over 40

Style tip:  Start by separating out a section of hair at the front at the parting and clip back the rest.  Divide the section near to the parting into three sections and begin to French braid down to the ear.  Secure the braid with two hair pins and release the hair that was clipped out the hair.  Add a tousled texture to hair with texturising spray to give casual and ‘off-duty’ hairstyle.

Get the look: Choose a 16 inch volume only hair weave service with Beauty Works extension hair.


Hair extension styles for women over 40

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Style tip:  Chin-grazing, jaw-defining bobs are one of the most requested styles of 2021.  Whilst taking the leap from long to short can be scary, filling out fine hair with hair extensions for an instant volume boost is simple and easy.

Get the look: Choose a 16 inch volume only hair weave service with Beauty Works extension hair and have extensions cut to desired length.


Classic bob hair weave

The makeover: To create this strong A-line bob hairstyle, the client’s hair was cut into an A-line shape to form the foundation of the style.  Beauty Works hair extensions were colour matched to the clients hair colour and Cherry hair wefts were added as part of a volume sew in weave hair service.  Hair extensions were cut to blend in with the base hair cut.  To finish the hair was bow dried with a round brush and finished with a light mist of holding spray.


If your hair is a little bit finer or weaker than it used to be, it is advisable to avoid methods that can weaken the fibres of the hair shaft. Brazilian knot hair extensions, microring hair extensions or hair weaves are a fantastic way to add thickness to fine hair.  Sure, drink more water and make sure you get enough sleep but don’t start thinking about blue rinses just yet.  When you leave your 30’s the only thing you should leave behind is pigtails, pink hair and belly tops (sorry SJP).