Hair Extensions For Women Over 40 In London

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Realistic Hair Extensions For Women Over 40

Brazilian knot hair extensions, microring hair extensions or hair weaves are a fantastic way to add thickness to fine hair.  If your hair is a little bit finer or weaker than it used to be, it is advisable to avoid methods that can weaken the fibres of the hair shaft.  Any type of hair extension where energy is applied (hot or cold) to adhere the extension hair to your own is likely to cause irreparable damage.  If you are coming up against an onslaught of grey hair ensure the hair extension attachment method you use will not be affected by  semi or permanent hair colourants.  Try out our brown or blonde hair extensions.

Today’s misogynistic culture can make women over 40 feel that they should hang up their high heels and step aside for a younger generation.  After battling through the crushing feelings of inadequacy experienced through your 20’s and then tentatively settling comfortably into ourselves in our 30’s your 40’s and 50’s are waaaaaay to young to even consider stepping aside and retiring into obscurity.  Sure, drink more water and make sure you get enough sleep but don’t start thinking about blue rinses just yet.  when you leave your 30’s the only thing you should leave behind is pigtails, pink hair and belly tops (sorry SJP).

As we age it is normal for our hair to gradually begin to underwhelm us.  As the years creep by our metabolism starts to slow meaning our cells regenerate at a slower rate which can affect the rate of hair growth and it’s density.  A slower metabolism also can cause increased shedding and hairs can be finer when they do grow back.  If you are producing less sebum, then your hair can start to feel brittle and will be less resistant to breakage and more prone to split ends.  But the good times are not over, far from it in fact.  Seek advice from a qualified trichologist and start to reclaim the hair of your youth.  A trichologist can check your hormone levels and ensure you are not deficient in essential minerals that will impede maximum hair growth.  The quicker you start the better your results will be.