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Permanent hair extensions for thin hair

Permanent hair extensions for thin hair Permanent hair extensions are hair extensions that are secured to your hair by any means for more than a period of one month.  Our strand-by-strand hair extensions are applied with a small amount of thread so they can be used on thin, weak hair without causing hair loss.  There are many causes of thin hair, during your consultation we will evaluate if they are genetic or mechanical.  When applying permanent extensions to thin hair we ensure there is as little tension as possible to prevent damage to the hair follicle. Are permanent hair extensions safe for thin hair? If your hair is thin [...]

3 Great oil treatments for hair extensions

Great Oil Treatments For Hair Extensions Your extension hair have generally been through a number of different processes before you became its proud new mama.  Unfortunately your adopted new hair extensions do not benefit from your own natural oils so you need to step in to keep your hair from looking like a brillo pad mess.  Oil treatments aim to replicate the benefits of sebum.  Sebum is efficient at creating a waterproof barrier, this keeps hair healthy by sealing the hair shaft preventing moisture loss and  prevents excess absorption of water present in the atmosphere which helps prevent your hair from frizzing and kinking.  We've [...]

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