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Hair weave vs strand-by-strand hair extensions

Hair weaves vs strand-by-strand hair extensions The main differences between the two are cost and length of time each hair extension style will ultimately last.  A hair  weave is easy on the pocket and will last you up to 8 weeks whereas the strand-by-strand hair extension methods such as microring hair extensions and the Brazilian knots hair extension service is more expensive initially but in the long run is a great investment for those who intend to wear extensions long term. Both types of  extensions allow you to wear you hair up in ponytails and neither are not vulnerable to heated styling tools and products. [...]

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Traction alopecia and hair extensions

Traction alopecia and hair extensions There are certain buzzwords that send hair extension technicians into a frenzy.  If you sit in the chair and ask for BIG hair you will get this but you'll be left shaken at the hair loss you are likely to experience after your hair extensions or hair weave is removed.  When clients ask me for BIG hair they'll get a friendly reassuring hand on the shoulder and a big FAT reality check!  Ok, let's be honest.  If you're thinking about hair extensions you possibly don't have a lot of hair to begin with. You will have to agree that [...]

Wedding hair extensions

Hair extensions for your wedding day Preparing for your wedding day is exciting but but extremely daunting.  After days and weeks looking for wedding hairstyle ideas you still wonder whether you should where your hair up or down, whether your hairstyle will last throughout the whole day and how well your style will suit you. It gets even more complicated if your hair is too thin or too short for your ideal hairstyle.  When trying to work out what style will be best for you, adding hair extensions into the mix will give you the option to turn thin and [...]

Affordable hair extensions London

Affordable hair extensions in London A hair weave service is the most affordable type of hair extension service available.  Hair weaves can be applied in as little as 90 minutes and our hair weave prices are lower than most other types of hair extensions.  Hair weaves last up to 8 weeeks and require very little after care.  Very few hair extension salons in London offer the hair weave service but we think it’s one of the safest hair extension application techniques on the market. For our hair weaves we use cuticle aligned hair which can be curled and styled however you choose.  A hair weave can be [...]

Hair extension consultations with Shannel Watson

Hair extension consultation with Shannel Watson Before having hair extensions it is important to have a hair extensions consultation.  The entire consultation normally takes 30 minutes and allows a true colour match record and to discuss any concerns you may have. The hair extensions consultation process allows me to; Assess the overall health of your hair and scalp Discuss your budget for the hair extensions service Discuss any previous positive (or negative) hair extension issues Select an extension hair type that matches your hair Discuss any relevant, home maintenance needed Discuss the most appropriate hair extension method for you Give you a final quote for [...]

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Hair extension styles for women over 40

HAIR EXTENSION STYLES FOR WOMEN OVER 40 As we age it is normal for our hair to gradually begin to underwhelm us.  As the years creep by our metabolism starts to slow meaning our cells regenerate at a slower rate which can affect the rate of hair growth and it's density.  A slower metabolism also can cause increased shedding and hairs can be finer when they do grow back.  If you are producing less sebum, then your hair can start to feel brittle and will be less resistant to breakage and more prone to split ends.  But the good times are not over, far from it in fact. [...]

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