affordable hair extensions

Affordable hair extensions in London

A hair weave service is the most affordable type of hair extension service available.  Hair weaves can be applied in as little as 90 minutes and our hair weave prices are lower than most other types of hair extensions.  Hair weaves last up to 8 weeeks and require very little after care.  Very few hair extension salons in London offer the hair weave service but we think it’s one of the safest hair extension application techniques on the market.

For our hair weaves we use cuticle aligned hair which can be curled and styled however you choose.  A hair weave can be applied at our hair extension salon in around 90 minutes so it easy to fit a hair weave session into a busy schedule.  Great hair extensions are not only for the rich and famous, take a little time out and treat yourself to some cheap but utterly fabulous, jaw dropping hair extensions.

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