Oil treatment
Oil treatment

Great Oil Treatments For Hair Extensions

Your extension hair have generally been through a number of different processes before you became its proud new mama.  Unfortunately your adopted new hair extensions do not benefit from your own natural oils so you need to step in to keep your hair from looking like a brillo pad mess.  Oil treatments aim to replicate the benefits of sebum.  Sebum is efficient at creating a waterproof barrier, this keeps hair healthy by sealing the hair shaft preventing moisture loss and  prevents excess absorption of water present in the atmosphere which helps prevent your hair from frizzing and kinking.  We’ve selected 3 of our favourite oil treatments for keeping hair extensions and hair weave sleek and smooth.

1.  Moroccan oil hair treatment

moroccan oil

The Moroccan Oil products emerged and took the hair industry by storm.  Their hair products are designed to calm distressed hair by providing a firm, resilient barrier against harsh environmenral factors such as extreme heat and wind whilst lubricating the hair shaft to leave your hair feeling glossy and smooth to the touch.  A propriety blend of ingredients aim to help you achieve mirror shine.  This is a high quality, popular product for women with dry hair extensions.

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2. Coconut oil hair treatment

neal's yard hair treatment with coconut oil

Coconut oil contains lauric acid which as an incredible softening effect on the hair.  This Rosemary and Cedarwood hair treatment by Neals Yard contains a generous helping of coconut oil, this will also help dry scalp conditions.  This product is entirely natural so you don’t have to worry about silicone build up on your hair extensions.  Simply slap a generous amount onto dry hair, then after 30 minutes shampoo and condition as normal.

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3. Jojoba oil hair treatment

jojoba oil treatment for hair extensions

Jojoba oil is almost identical to the natural sebum produced by our scalps so your hair extensions will benefit from being immersed in this luxurious oil.  Jojoba oil is unique because it is actually a wax composed up of tiny molecules which can be absorbed easily into dry hair.  We love Fushi Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil, this high quality oil will quickly help revive your hair extensions.

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