Glueless Strand-By-Strand Hair Extensions

Our Glueless Strand-By-Strand Hair Extensions service is EXCLUSIVE to Secret Extensions. Our unique way of applying extensions does not involve the use of glues or chemicals and is perfectly safe for damaged or very fine hair. Strand-By-Strand extensions allow for greater versatility in styling and last for up to 5 and a half months.

Extension hair is woven into your natural hair a few strands at a time and secured with thread. The thread used to create the hair extension attachment has a very thin, elasticised strip running though the centre which does not come into contact with the natural hair. The cotton provides an ultra strong, flexible barrier, preventing damage to your hair. This creates an ultra-strong ‘bind’ – stronger than even glue!

  • Service includes cut and style
  • Ultra flat, discrete & low maintenance
  • Glue-free & chemical-free ‘binding’ technique
  • Simple and safe removal and application

Why Choose Glueless Strand-By-Strand Hair Extensions?

This technique was developed as an alternative to strand-by-strand hair extensions that are applied with glue or metal rings. The aim was to create a safe and long lasting hair extension attachment method.

As we only use thread to attach the extension hair you can be sure that your own natural hair will remain unharmed during application and removal.  Unlike glue extensions, the attachments do not need to be dissolved with alcohol or acetone.  A chemical free removal prevents your hair from potential damage.

The thread used to create the hair extension attachment has a very thin, elasticised strip running though the centre that does not come into contact with the natural hair.  The cotton provides a durable flexible barrier, preventing damage to  your hair. This creates an ultra-strong ‘bind’ -  stronger than even glue!

The hair we use for our glueless hair extensions is of exceptional high quality.  We source our hair from established hair merchants to ensure you have the finest choice of extension hair.  Generally, we would advise you to choose a hair type that closely matches your own for a natural result. When choosing your extension hair we consider your budget, lifestyle and hair texture. We then record a true colour match using hair colour swatches to ensure a seamless blend with your natural hair.

Suitable for both European and Afro hair.

Glueless Strand-By-Strand Hair Extensions Prices
Glueless Strand-By-Strand Hair Extensions FAQ

Extension Hair Types

Russian Hair Extensions

The finest extension hair type on the market. Available in all natural hair colours. The fine diameter of Virgin Russian Hair means it has an extremely delicate structure; heated styling tools should be avoided if possible.

European Hair Extensions

European extension hair is fine with a natural wave and is available in all natural hair colours. Cuticle-aligned and silky to the touch European hair is always a popular choice. For soft curls simply add leave in conditioner to damp hair and towel dry.

Asian Hair Extensions

Asian extension hair is thick and glossy. Perfect for long and dramatic styles and available in a spectrum of natural hair colours. For a smooth and silky finish, blow dry with a flat brush and go over the hair with a good pair of straighteners.

Brazilian Hair Extensions

Brazilian extension hair is available in dark colours and can be coloured to achieve lighter shades. Perfect for those who want non-fussy ‘wash-and-go’ hair. Brazilian extension hair is available in a variety of textures from straight to very curly.

Maintenance Instructions for Glueless Strand-By-Strand Hair Extensions

  • Before you were lovingly paired up with your beautiful new hair, it’s certain that it’s been hanging around for a few years! It is very important to maintain elasticity and strength to prevent hair breakage which can cause your hair weave to look thin and stringy.
  • Remember, extension hair doesn’t receive the natural sebum from your scalp, so ensure you use a high quality natural oil to effectively lubricate and smooth your hair. Try a 100% organic argan oil treatment, this will be much more effective than a smoothing treatment with added silicones.
  • Before shampooing, it is essential that there are no tangles in the hair. Use a de-tangling hair product and brush to detangle wet or dry hair quickly, without pulling or snagging. Hair is best washed in the shower with your head in an upright position. Do not scrub but instead smooth diluted shampoo along the hair length. Rinse and follow with a conditioner. Wrap hair with a towel and pat (do not rub) gently, to remove excess moisture. If you find your extension hair tends to tangle excessively, loosely braid the hair before washing.
  • At night, hair should be loosely braided or tied up to prevent pillow friction tangling. It is advisable you use a silk pillow or wrap your hair in a silk scarf. Silk pillowcases are fortified with amino acids so not only do they prevent your hair and skin from drying, they further enrich your hair keeping it soft and silky.
  • Adding extra hair can mean it will take you longer to style in the morning. Use a professional hairdryer for a quick and efficient blow-dry with smooth, long-lasting results.