Shannel uses silicone lined microrings (aka nanorings) to avoid the metallic ring edge coming into contact with your natural hair and to reduce the risk of slippage.  This application is perfect for women wanting to avoid adhesives and heat during application.  Microrings are very easy to apply to your natural hair.  Extension hair is gently placed within the ring which is then looped through your natural hair and pressed shut.  To remove the rings they are pressed open which releases your natural and the extension hair from it’s fixed position.  At this point the ring can be moved up into it’s original position allowing you to reuse you extension hair many times.

microring hair extensions in London

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Microrings Pros & Cons

PROS: Microrongs do not require the addition of heat or glue to create an attachment.  Whilst wearing Microrings a full take down is not necessary.  As the extensions grow out the Microrings can be moved up during routine maintenance appointments.

CONS: Microrings can lose their colour over time exposing the metal underneath.  You will need to make time for monthly maintenance appointments.  Not suitable for fine or breaking hair.  

FINAL VERDICT: Microrings are a very popular strand-by-strand hair extension attachment method.  This type of attachment method is great for women who would prefer a heat free attachment method.

Microrings Do’s & Don’ts

DO ensure you keep up with your maintenance sessions as and when necessary.

DO brush your hair extensions daily to prevent excessive tangling

DO try a professional hairdryer to save you time when drying your hair

DON’T apply conditioner to your roots as this can cause rings to slip

DON’T wear your microrings for longer than 120 days without a maintenance appointment

DON’T wear your hair up in a tight ponytail whilst wearing your microring hair extensions

microring hair extensions in London

 Your Questions Answered…

Can I wash my hair daily?
It is better to wash your hair every 3 days to ensure less chance of slippage.

I work out daily, will my Microring hair extensions fall out if I sweat a lot?
Excess moisture daily may cause the rings to slip so this may not be the best attachment method for you.

Can I use hair straighteners and hair dryers with my Microrings?
Microrings can withstand more heat natural hair so you are free to use and heated styling tool you choose.  Just remember to protect the extension hair with suitable products.

How do I wash my hair whilst wearing my Microring hair extensions?
Whilst wearing Microrings it’s best to wash your hair in the shower.  Washing your Microring hair extensions with your head in an upright position helps prevent tangling.  Avoid getting hair products near the attachment points.

How long should my natural hair be to have Microrings fitted?
For great resultd your hair should be at least 6 – 8 inches long.

How Long does it take to have Microrings fitted?
Depending on the length, thickness of your hair it can be applied in under an 5 hours minutes generally.

Should I ‘rest’ my hair between services?
Yes, its a good idea to stop wearing this type of hair extension after about 6-9 months.    

Once the Microrings are in, do they feel heavy?
When your Microring hair extensions are first applied you will notice it is there, but after around a week it should feel more comfortable.

Can I colour my hair whilst wearing Microrings?
Yes.  Most women touch up their crown area as normal.  Avoid colouring the extensions as this may cause slippage.

 Who Said Money Can’t Buy Happiness…

The cost for a set of Microring hair extensions vary greatly from person to person.  The costs are dependent on variations such as how long you would like your extension hair and the quality of extension hair you would prefer.  The costs are separated into service cost and extension hair cost so you can be sure of exactly what you are paying for.  Shannel is generally able to obtain extension hair up to 30% cheaper so please call her before you purchase extension hair as you may miss an opportunity to make a saving.

Partial Head from

£150inc hair
  • Add colour and stylistic effects

Half Head from

£300inc hair
  • Add instant volume

Full head from

£450inc hair
  • Add length and volume

 100% Privacy…100% Secret Extensions

Shannel is based in Old Street, London 3 minutes from Old Street underground station and there is street parking available locally. Shannel works from her own private, modern apartment so you are guaranteed a laid back, relaxed atmosphere with complete discretion.   You can enjoy complimentary hot and cold refreshments with free wifi access.  Call Shannel now on 02032920431 or send a text on 07871690909.  Email Shannel now [email protected].