Micro Fine Hair Weave

The Hair Weave technique has been around for thousands of years and is a very traditional type of hair extension perfect for both European and Afro Hair. The Hair Weave technique is thought to originate form the Egyptians around 400BC. At this point the Egyptians regarded length and fullness of hair to be a direct visual representation of wealth and social standing. Cleopatra herself wore wigs and hair weaves to enhance her own hair.

Hair weaving (also known as wefting) is a safe, glue and chemical free way to add length and volume to your hair. Our micro fine hair weaves are applied in small discrete rows that lie flat against your scalp ensuring the extension hair blends perfectly with your natural hair.  We use double-drawn hair which results in less bulk and a more natural result.

Because this is an entirely chemical-free application process, there is very little risk of damage when applied by a qualified, experienced hair weave professional. Hair weaves are extremely easy to look after and tend to last up to 8 weeks with the correct aftercare. A Micro Fine Hair Weave can usually be applied in under two hours and does not need professional maintenance; this makes it an extremely cost effective hair extension choice.

  • Lasts for up to 8 weeks
  • Prices start from £100 + cost of hair
  • Ultra flat, discrete & low maintenance
  • Glue-free & chemical-free ‘wefting’ technique

Why Choose A Micro Fine Hair Weave?

The Hair Weave technique is extremely simple and involves firstly braiding the natural hair to create a sturdy foundation for the hair extension style. Then, a curved carpet needle and durable thread is used to reinforce the hair braid so that it does not loosen or begin to unravel. Wefts of human hair are then sewn onto the braided base in neat rows. A weft of human hair is basically a ‘curtain’ of extension hair stitched together.

There are 2 different types of extension hair weft; Hand Weft and Machine Weft. The most common type is Machine Wefted, which is strong and sturdy. This type of extension hair is normally supplied in two long reams that can be cut down to any desired size without the weft unravelling. Machine wefts come in a variety of sizes and the thicker wefts can often be split into separate wefts with a razor to create two ultra thin wefts perfect for use around the hairline.

The second type of extension hair weft; Hand wefted hair, is essentially a seam that holds the hair together and is manually woven into the weft by a human and special attention is given to each weft making them thinner and more flexible and allows the real hair to lay closer to the head. Hand-tied wefts are made-to-order to match the exact measurements and thickness desired by the client.

Suitable for both European and Afro hair.

Micro Fine Hair Weave Prices
Micro Fine Hair Weave FAQ

Hair Weave Types

Russian Hair Weave

The finest extension hair type on the market. Available in all natural hair colours. The fine diameter of Virgin Russian Hair means it has an extremely delicate structure; heated styling tools should be avoided if possible.

European Hair Weave

European extension hair is fine with a natural wave and is available in all natural hair colours. Cuticle-aligned and silky to the touch European hair is always a popular choice. For soft curls simply add leave in conditioner to damp hair and towel dry.

Asian Hair Weave

Asian extension hair is thick and glossy. Perfect for long and dramatic styles and available in a spectrum of natural hair colours. For a smooth and silky finish, blow dry with a flat brush and go over the hair with a good pair of straighteners.

Brazilian Hair Weave

Brazilian extension hair is available in dark colours and can be coloured to achieve lighter shades. Perfect for those who want non-fussy ‘wash-and-go’ hair. Brazilian extension hair is available in a variety of textures from straight to very curly.

Lace Closures

Lace closures are fantastic for adding a flawless finish to a full head hair weave. At Secret Extensions we custom make our lace closures. They are available in 3 natural scalp colours to ensure  a perfect blend with your scalp. We hand knot single strands into extra fine swiss lace and bleach the knots so that it looks like the hair is literally growing from your scalp. Extra fine swiss lace is almost undetectable, even very close up. To avoid a bulky finish, we make our lace closure at 60% density which is a very natural fullness, ensuring it is lightweight and a perfect blend with your hairline.

Maintenance Instructions for Micro Fine Hair Weaves

  • Before you were lovingly paired up with your beautiful new hair, it’s certain that it’s been hanging around for a few years! It is very important to maintain elasticity and strength to prevent hair breakage which can cause your hair weave to look thin and stringy.
  • Remember, weave hair doesn’t receive the natural sebum from your scalp, so ensure you use a high quality natural oil to effectively lubricate and smooth your hair. Try a 100% organic argan oil treatment, this will be much more effective than a smoothing treatment with added silicones.
  • Before shampooing, it is essential that there are no tangles in the hair. Use a de-tangling hair product and brush to detangle wet or dry hair quickly, without pulling or snagging. Hair is best washed in the shower with your head in an upright position. Do not scrub but instead smooth diluted shampoo along the hair length. Rinse and follow with a conditioner. Wrap hair with a towel and pat (do not rub) gently, to remove excess moisture. If you find the hair tends to tangle excessively, loosely braid the hair before washing.
  • At night, hair should be loosely braided or tied up to prevent pillow friction tangling. It is advisable you use a silk pillow or wrap your hair in a silk scarf. Silk pillowcases are fortified with amino acids so not only do they prevent your hair and skin from drying, they further enrich your hair keeping it soft and silky.
  • When having colour services on your hair weave, always do a strand test. When using dyes with peroxide or ammonia, always avoid the hair weave attachment points as the thread connecting them may be weakened. Be sure to rinse hair and attachments thoroughly.