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Shannel’s favourite hair extension projects…

Batman: The Dark Knight

I got a call from the Errol Douglas salon. It was a hair extension emergency! For some reason, an actress’ hair extensions working on the latest Batman movie had gone green and needed to be replaced by that afternoon. I guzzled down my coffee and hopped in a cab. Upon arrival I recognised the actress, Beatrice Rosen, sitting with a predictably sullen face. 

The hair had to be styled in a simple up-do for a scene in which she made an entrance as Bruce Wayne’s partner, so it had to be discreet. I took her and her make-up artist to Michael Ratajczaks (the go-to place for Spanish hair) where we oohed and aahed over a selection of blondes. We then hot-footed it back to the salon with the lovely Beatrice cheering up along the way. I worked on her hair for about 7 hours and the results were beautiful. I got a phonecall a couple of days later to say that they had seen the first edits and the hair looked great!

This Morning w/ Richard & Judy

I was invited to add hair extensions to a set member of This Morning in an attempt to prove that hair extensions are not naff, stringy looking hair additions and in fact can be subtle and realistic-looking. The show was due to go live at 11:30am which meant we had to open the salon at 5am much to everyone’s dismay. So I turn up 4:57am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, literally rubbing my hands together in excitement. At this point, a cameraman asked me why the hell I was so happy! “I’ve just had two double espressos!” I chirped. With a deadpan expression, he asked “Did those espressos have cocaine in them?!”… For the sanity of the crew I decided I had better dial down my exuberance.

Hours later we were winging our way to the studios and I was ready to have my work presented to the world. The panel; Liz Jones and Vanessa Feltz, were having their make up done and ready to give their verdict on my work. I had called everyone I knew and they were either recording my appearance on national television, or glued to their screens at home in support. I was sat in the Green Room waiting for my extensions to be critiqued with naïve enthusiasm. Vanessa of course loved what I had done and pronounced extensions were a fun way to change your look and said they were a great distraction from her “wobbly bits”. Liz Jones on the other hand, declared that “hair extensions are for narcissists!” I literally froze in horror with the thought of my mother sitting expectantly at home only to hear this woman basically rubbish my entire career choice. I’ve since learned Liz Jones is somewhat controversial (phew!)…  I got stuck into the free white wine!

Warhorse – Steven Speilberg

About a year ago, a make-up artist I had previously collaborated with called me out of the blue and asked if I’d ever put hair extension on horses. I wasn’t sure I’d heard right… of course I hadn’t! She then asked if she could ask me a crazy question. I actually looked at the phone, if that wasn’t a crazy question…what was? Turns out the project was to add hair extensions to nine horses for a movie called War Horse.

The problem was that all the horses consistently needed to have long, flowing, magnificent manes, however, nothing they had attached so far was staying in place for the duration of filming. Days later I was stood on a bucket next to a bored horse tying in extensions. Four days later, nine horses had beautiful manes worthy of a Steven Spielberg adventure. It was certainly something different, and yes, I was very happy to return to humans!


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