Glueless Strand-By-Strand Hair Extensions

by Shannel Watson

The Glueless Strand-By-Strand Hair Extension Technique…

Shannel Watson has developed an application technique EXCLUSIVE to Secret Extensions.  Extension hair is woven into your natural hair a few strands at a time and secured with thread.

The thread used to create the hair extension attachment has a very thin, elasticised strip running though the centre which does not come into contact with the natural hair. The cotton provides an ultra strong, flexible barrier, preventing damage to your hair. This creates an ‘bind’ – stronger than even GLUE!

Strand-by-strand extensions allow for greater versatility in styling and last for up to 5 and a half months.  The cotton used to attach the extension hair provides an ultra strong, flexible barrier, preventing damage to your own hair.  This hair extension application technique was designed to be safe for long term wear and easy to maintain.  During the time you wear our glueless strand-by-strand hair extensions you should experience practically no shedding.  There is no need for ‘top-up’ appointments saving you time and effort.

“Shannel Watson has developed the method of using a cotton strand to tie the extensions to your own hair.  No need for maintenance appointments as the extensions don’t tangle, and no adhesives, so you can use straightening irons.  Chemical free and gentle on the hair! ”

Ashley Pearson, THE DAILY MAIL

Glueless Strand-By-Strand Hair Extensions Prices
Russian Hair Weave

Russian Hair Extensions

The finest extension hair type on the market. Available in all natural hair colours. The fine diameter of Virgin Russian Hair means it has an extremely delicate structure; heated styling tools should be avoided if possible.

European Hair Weave

European Hair Extensions

European extension hair is fine with a natural wave and is available in all natural hair colours. Cuticle-aligned and silky to the touch European hair is always a popular choice. For soft curls simply add leave in conditioner to damp hair and towel dry.

Asian Hair Weave

Asian Hair Extensions

Asian extension hair is thick and glossy. Perfect for long and dramatic styles and available in a spectrum of natural hair colours. For a smooth and silky finish, blow dry with a flat brush and go over the hair with a good pair of straighteners.

Brazillian Hair Weave

Brazilian Hair Extensions

Brazilian extension hair is available in dark colours and can be coloured to achieve lighter shades. Perfect for those who want non-fussy ‘wash-and-go’ hair. Brazilian extension hair is available in a variety of textures from straight to very curly.

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