Glueless Strand-By-Strand Hair Extensions / Brazilian Knots

“Shannel Watson has developed the method of using a cotton strand to tie the extensions to your own hair.  No need for maintenance appointments as the extensions don’t tangle, and no adhesives, so you can use straightening irons.  Chemical free and gentle on the hair! ”

Ashley Pearson, THE DAILY MAIL

No Glue…  No Heat…  No Metal Rings…

Extension hair is woven into your natural hair a few strands at a time and secured with thread.  This method is similar to the Brazilian Knot technique.  The thread used to create the hair extension attachment has a very thin, elasticised strip running though the centre which does not come into contact with the natural hair.

Why Strand-By-Strand?

Strand-by-strand extensions allow for greater versatility in styling and last for up to 5 and a half months.  This hair extension application technique was designed to be safe for long term wear and easy to maintain.   The cotton provides an ultra strong, flexible barrier, preventing damage to your hair. This creates an ‘bind’ – stronger than even GLUE!

Why Choose Secret Extensions?

Shannel Watson, owner of Secret Extensions, has over 10 years of experience in the hair extension industry.  She understands that the health of your hair and scalp is the priority and works to maintain and improve the condition of your hair throughout the time you wear hair extensions or hair weaves.  Shannel participates in ongoing consultations with the Institute of Trichologists and works with men and women suffering from hair loss.  Shannel is qualified in many application methods including keratin bonding, micro rings and LA weaves and has chosen the safest hair extension application methods as her primary services.

Always Premium Quality Hair Extensions…

Any hair extension style is reliant on top quality extension hair.  Great care and effort is taken to use suppliers that provide ethically sourced extension hair.  To ensure your extension hair will remain supple and tangle free only remy (cuticle-correct) extension hair is used.  Remy hair retains pigmentation and moisture unlike hair that has been physically stripped of its cuticle layer.  For this hair extension service you can use coloured extension hair or virgin (unprocessed) extension hair.  Shannel is happy to recommend hair products suitable for use with your strand-by-strand hair extensions.

Perfect For Afro & European Hair…

Shannel’s varied experience means she can work confidently with all hair types.  Depending on your background, your hair will have it’s own individual characteristics that need to be accounted for when considering a hair extension style.  Whether you have chemically straightened Afro hair or silky Russian hair, Shannel endeavors to find a perfect match for your own hair texture.

100% Privacy …  100% Secret Extensions…

Not everyone likes getting their hair extended in front of a huge glass window on the high street or shouting over a dozen hairdryers to be heard.  Whilst Shannel has worked in a number of high profile central London salons, including Nyumba and Errol Douglas, she feels most at ease working from her modern apartment in Old Street, located just minutes from Old Street underground station.  

Hair Extension Maintenance Tips…

Before shampooing it is essential there are no tangles in the hair. Use the Tangle Teezer to detangle wet or dry hair quickly and without pulling or snagging.  Hair is best washed in the shower with head in an upright position.  Do not scrub, instead smooth an hydrating shampoo along the hair length rinse and follow with a conditioner. Wrap hair with towel and pat (do not rub) gently to remove excess moisture.

At night hair should be loosely braided or tied up to prevent pillow friction tangle.  It is advisable you use a silk pillow or tuck your hair into a silk scarf. Silkskin pillowcases are fortified with amino acids so not only does it prevent your hair and skin from drying it enriches your hair to keep it soft and silky.  When having colour services on the extension hair always do a strand test. When using dyes with peroxide or ammonia always avoid attachments as the thread may be weakened.  Be sure to rinse hair and attachments thoroughly.  Adding extra hair can mean it will take you longer to style in the morning, try the Parlux professional hairdryer for smooth, long lasting results.

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