About Shannel Watson

Shannel Watson is recognised as one of the most talented hair extension and hair replacement technicians in the UK. Her experience spans over 20 years, during which time she has collaborated with top stylists and trichologists to develop secure and comfortable hair extensions. Her work demonstrates her classic style and showcases her unique talent for designing hair extension styles that look undeniably authentic. She loves all aspects of hair enhancement; from creating custom lace wigs and integration pieces, to adding slices of colour with hair weaves and volumising thin hair with individual extensions. Shannel is a certified trichologist and holds a diploma in Medicine and Medical Biosciences and a higher national certificate in Structural Molecular Biology.

Where it all started…

Shannel recognised her passion for hair extensions at an early age whilst working with her mother as an apprentice, and explored further training with top London institutions and wig makers to work towards creating a truly unique hair enhancement style. Her artistic vision has made her a master of hair enhancement, whether its adding length or creating texture contrasts. She loves the challenge of corrective services and regularly reworks bad hair extensions into a convincing hairstyle.

Understanding the science behind beautiful hair…

Shannel realised the science of the hair and scalp was as important as the practical styling aspects and embarked on studying the intrinsic body systems and chemical aspects that affects the quality of the hair shaft and the rate of growth. After completing medical training she turned to PRP and Mesotherapy for clients who were losing their hair.  Shannel understands how lifestyle can affect hair quality and her studies in nutrition give her a fundamental understanding of how diet affects the hair. Check out Shannel’s hair extension portfolio for hair extension and hair weave makeovers.

hair extension technician in London

“Your hair speaks volumes about you. It should say 'Look at me!' without becoming a parody of what perfect hair should be”.

Shannel believes that your hair shouldn’t be changed, but simply enhanced.

My Work Process

I always, always press for a consultation. It’s integral to the way I work. I actually have a fear of hairdressers! I don’t even trust anyone to trim my hair… those straggly ends will remain just in case someone cuts off half an inch more than I have explicitly specified.

I know I’m not on my own in feeling like this, so during the consultation I make sure I’m extremely clear on what exactly my clients want. I’ve been doing hair for so long now, that as soon as I see someone I can instantly see what the future holds if they trust me enough to put their hair in my hands – pun intended. The idea is to marry my vision and my client’s hopes so that we can come up with something that we are both happy with.

During the consultation, I’m watching the way your hair moves, gauging your personality and your mannerisms. This all helps me reinforce whatever vision I may have for your hair. I get an idea of your lifestyle, your hair care regime and then get down to budget so we can create something we both we will be ecstatic about.

Mission & Vision

The vision I had when I founded Secret Extensions was to provide a trusted authority on hair extensions, hair repair and hair replacement services. The aim was to combine trichological studies with practical knowledge and provide real hair enhancement and hair repair solutions based on science rather than sensationalism.

Shannel’s mission is to provide the most comprehensive bespoke hair treatments possible to make a genuine difference to your natural hair alongside natural looking hair extensions, hair weaves and hair replacement units that are 100% safe for long term wear. Our goal is to offer superior quality hair at a fair price and an unrivalled experience during your time with us. We are constantly developing new techniques and hair enhancement solutions to satisfy our client’s needs so that they can have the best hair, not just on the day they leave the salon, but for days, weeks even months after.

My Favourite Things

I’m massively into health and fitness and try to get to the gym at least three times a week. I tend to throw in a Bikram Yoga class here and there as it’s great for toning, promoting flexibility and really getting the heart pumping to flush your body of the toxins it regularly gets clogged up with.

Cooking is a great love of mine and I’ve become obsessed with finding ways to stuff veg into my daily menu. For example, pumpkin doughnuts and cauliflower rice. I don’t believe in sacrificing taste and take a rather agnostic approach to healthy eating. I think potatoes have been vilified and peanut butter is a daily staple. I think all foods should be enjoyed as part of a well-rounded diet. However, sugar is something I avoid as I think we passively ingest way too much added sugar.

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