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Hair extensions and hair weaves are great for an instant hair makeover…

Secret Extensions is a private hair extension salon based in London.  We provide glueless strand-by-strand hair extensions and micro fine hair weaves for Afro and European hair.  Our hair extensions and hair weaves are all applied in our London hair extension salon, without the use of glue, heat or metal clamps.  Our gentle application techniques make it safer to wear hair extensions and weaves long term.

Hair extensions and hair weaves are not only fantastic at adding length; they are also great for adding thickness to thin hair.  Adding extra extension hair can increase your own hair volume by up to 100% offering you the option of a dramatic volume boost without the effort of backcombing your natural hair.  Even better it can completely transform short hair into a fabulous gorgeous flowing mane of hair.

At Secret Extensions in London, we are dedicated to creating the most beautiful you.

We believe that a healthy hair care regime and lifestyle is essential to help you look and feel your best.  In order to achieve the most natural hair extension results we use cutting edge diagnostic tools. These tools analyse your hair and scalp and identify any shortfalls in your hair care regime.  Using this information, we tailor-make products at our London hair extension salon to keep your hair in the best condition.  Check out our blog for news and advice.

Hair Weaves are a quick and affordable way to add length and volume to your hair.

Hair weaves can be applied in as little as 90 minutes and our hair weave prices start from only £195.  Hair weaves last up to 8 weeeks and require very little after care.  Very few hair extension salons in London offer the hair weave service but we think it’s one of the safest hair extension application techniques on the market.

For  our hair weaves we use cuticle aligned Remy Hair which can be curled and styled however you choose.  Feel free to use straightners and curling tongs and any styling product you choose.  A hair weave can be applied at our hair extension salon in around 90 minutes so it easy to fit a hair weave session into a busy schedule.

Hair weaves  can give you a complete hairstyle overhaul, you can choose to have 100 grams to add volume or length or a whopping 200 grams for a superb voluptuous mane of hair.  You can also add exciting tones and colours by varying the shade of colours of the extension hair.  Hair Extensions have been in the spotlight for a couple of decades and the service is becoming more and more popular.

Hair Extensions are often a time consuming, costly service compared with other hairdressing services and the extension hair price can run into hundreds of pounds resulting in the service becoming prohibitively expensive.

Great hair extensions are not only for the rich and famous, take a little time out and treat yourself to some cheap but utterly fabulous, jaw dropping hair extensions. Check out our European hair weave makeover blog post.

Hair weaves.

We Offer A Complimentary Consultation To Identify Your Needs And Ensure We Can Meet Your Expectations.

At Secret Extensions we are experts in designing a new and personalised look to fit your unique style and personality.  We are based in Old Street, London close to Old Street underground station and there is street parking available locally.   Visit our private London hair extension salon  for your free consultation now. View our online hair extension portfolio to see our favourite projects and hair extension before and after results.

Our Hair Extensions Are Affordable And Low Maintenance.

Our hair extensions and hair weaves are very affordable, prices for our hair weaves start from as little as £195.  We never use cheap extension hair, instead we focus on value for money and getting the absolute best for your budget. We have access to a wide range of extension hair and after your hair extension cconsultationwe have your chosen hair couriered to our hair extension salon in London. Our hair extensions and hair weaves are very low maintenance and you do not need to return to the salon for costly and time consuming top up appointments.

Hair extensions London.

In Our London Hair Extension Salon, We Work Confidently With Afro And European Hair Types.

Over the years Shannel, has worked with all hair types.  She is used to working with chemically straightened and natural Afro hair and can offer advice to women with Afro hair experiencing hair damage or breakage.  If you are transitioning from relaxed hair back to your natural hair texture we offer protective hair weaves to help you avoid applying heat to your hair.  Shannel’s chemical free hair extension techniques are also perfect for fragile European hair.  Company Magazine described her hair extensions as, “fabulous, not fake looking hair.”

We’re Extremely Confident We Provide The Best Hair Extensions In London.

London is brimming with hair salon’s offering all types of hair extensions and hair weave services.  Artificial hair integrations to add length and volume as never been more popular.  Shannel has trained extensively in all of the main hair extension application techniques with Habia approved hair extension educators. and has over a decade of experience in her field.  Shannel prefers using chemical free attachment techniques as this has proven over time to be safe for her clients.  There are many horror stories about hair weaves and hair extensions but Shannel’s vast experience means she can help women who have experienced hair loss due to poorly applied hair extensions.

Hair Weaves Can Be Used On Very Short Hair…

Weaves work fabulously well on short hair as the extension hair is secured on a weft and then sewn into cornrows on the scalp.  As a proportion of the hair is hidden away in the cornrows facilitate in hiding away a percentage of you hair meaning that the extensions blend in far easier as compared to strand by strand methods.  Also, because the extension hair is added in wefts and in long rows it is possible to add almost an infinite amount of hair meaning your  styling options are almost unlimited!

Our hair weaves can cover up all sorts of hair cuts including bobbed hair, asymmetric cuts or damaged and breaking hair stylishly and simply.  Ideally your hair should be a minimum of  3 inches at the crown area.

It seems everyone on the silver screen and in the glossy magazines has fabulous, flowing thick hair.  Beautiful hair undoubtedly compliments a woman and can certainly help you feel more attractive.  Very few of us are blessed with naturally thick long hair so the most obvious option is to fake it with faux tresses.  Visit our hair weave salon in London to see how we can create an intense hair weave or hair extension makeover for you.

We Never Apply Hair Weaves Or Hair Extensions To Sensitive Areas Of The Scalp…

Traction Alopecia is a biphasic form of hair loss, initially the hair loss is temporary, hair growth occurs and the condition acts like a non-scarring form of alopecia.  Traction alopecia is caused my constant pulling of the hair and is commonly seen in Black women, mostly around the hairline, this type of hair loss is often associated with hair extensions and hair weaves.  The reason hair loss is normally seen around the hairline is that this is a very sensitive area of the scalp.  There are many muscles under the skin and when we make expressions they contract, if movement is  restricted the fine hairs will be pulled, this is usually extremely painful and results in hair loss in this area.

Around the hairline the dermal papilla is very close to the scalp, hairline hair’s have a much shorter life span so it is more easily damaged.  The pain is caused because hair that is still in the Anagen phase (hair attached to a blood supply and still growing) if this happens repeatedly the hair follicle will stop reproducing hair.  For this reason Shannel will never apply your hair extensions or hair weave near the hairline or the nape of the neck.  When Shannel applies hair weaves or hair extensions, close attention is paid to the tension and placement of the actual attachment.

The effect of correctly applied hair weaves and hair Extensions on your hair and scalp is the equivalent of wearing your hair in a relatively tight ponytail for 36 hours. After this there is no continued pressure or trauma on the hair or scalp so there is no risk of permanent hair loss.  For traction alopecia to become potentially permanent, trauma must be inflicted continually over a period of 3 or more years.  To further ensure against hair loss whilst wearing hair extensions or hair weaves we recommend our clients supplement their diet with MSM.

“In reality, little damage is generally done to follicles as a result of pulling.  A hair shaft grows from the papilla, and as long as the papilla has not been seriously damaged or destroyed (e.g. burned / scarred), hair will continue to grow.  Some people mistakenly believe that when they pull the hair shaft with the bulb attached to the end, that they have pulled out the root.  This is not the root.  Since the papilla lies deep within the skin the chances of it being pulled out or damaged are very small.”
The Hair Pulling Problem- Fred Penzel

Thinking Of Having Hair Extensions For Your Wedding Day?

Your new hair will look entirely natural so your wedding album will be bursting with pictures to be proud of.  Our expert colour matching service will ensure a seamless match; no one will be able to tell.  Because our hair extension services are entirely chemical free, you will not have the added stress of potential damage to your upcoming nuptials.

We advise you to have your hair extension consultation, at our London hair extension salon, 2 weeks before your wedding hair trial and within 1 week of any hair colour services.  It is advised to have your colour topped up 2 weeks before the big day; colour services can be applied whilst you are wearing our hair weaves or hair extensions. Our permanent hair extensions are also safe for fine hair.

Still not sure?  Check out our hair extensions before and after gallery.

At our London hair extension salon we’ve completed hundreds of hair makeovers.  Check out our hair extension before and after gallery for the full picture.  We always aim for a realistic result.  We are used to creating hair weave styles for very short hair and can apply hair extensions to hair as long as it’s a minimum of 4 inches long.  If you’re looking for an extreme hair extension makeover we can provide hair up to 26 inches long.  There are many hair extension shops in London where you can buy your hair extensions from.

Call us on 0203 292 0431 and book your FREE consultation at our hair extension salon in London.

Meet Shannel Watson, your London hair extension specialist.

Shannel Watson has worked with high profile, London based, celebrity stylists including Errol Douglas, Adee Phelan and Paul Merrit. Shannel has also styled the locks of Janice Dickinson, Jourdan Dunn and Made In Chelsea’s, Lucy Watson.  The Daily Mail described her hair extensions as, “chemical free and gentle on the hair.”

Hair extension expert

Shannel says…

I’ve enjoyed the past through years working with a variety of different types and textures of hair.  This year I intend to become a member of the Fellowship For British Hairdressing and complete my Trichology certification.  When I first decided to set up a hair extension business it was important to me that I offered the very best hair enhancement service possible. This ultimately left me with two choices…the Glueless Hair Extension service and the Micro Fine Hair Weave service. There are many factors that make these hair extension techniques the best in the market.

1. Heat and chemical free application and removal
2. No need for pliers or tools that can cause mechanical damage to the hair
3. The extension attachments are based on thread rather than adhesives or  metal rings.
4. No professional monthly maintenance appointments necessary.
5. Safe and gentle on the natural hair!

Micro Fine Hair Weaves VS Glueless Hair Extensions

But  what are the best hair extensions overall?  Well the main differences between the two are cost and length of time each hair enhancement style will ultimately last.  A hair  weave is easy on the pocket and will only cost a measly £195 for 120 grams of 14 inch hair and will last you up to 8 weeks whereas the glueless strand-by-strand hair extension service is more expensive initially but in the long run is a great investment for those who intend to wear extensions long term. Both types of  extensions allow you to wear you hair up in ponytails and neither are not vulnerable to heated styling tools and products.

What Are The Main Differences Between The Two Application Methods?

Hair Extensions that are based on adhesives or metal grips are prone to slippage when used in combination with conditioners or products that  are oil based, whereas a hair weave or glueless strand-by-strand hair extensions would be wholly unaffected even after months of wear.When deciding on a hair weave or glueless strand-by-strand hair extensions consider;
Volume & Length; The length of the extension hair affects the final price so think carefully about this because snipping off those extra inches means you have wasted valuable pounds.  Both techniques can offer extra length and volume but a real hair weave is generally more suitable if you are starting from hair above shoulder  length.
Colour; If you have highlighted or mutli-tonal colour the strand-by-strand hair extension service may be preferable as each individual hair extension strand can be custom blended, on the other hand a  Real Hair  Weave can be custom coloured to blend with natural hair that has up to 3 colours adequately.
Budget; Bottom line…hair weaves are cheap as chips whereas glueless hair extensions are a bit more expensive but last a lot longer let your purse do the talking on this one ladies!

“After a couple of really bad experiences with hair extensions over the last few years I was pretty anxious about getting them again but I really wanted to have longer hair and my hair just doesn’t ever grow past shoulder length. After my consultation with Shannel I felt confident that she knew what she was doing and they look fantastic. I Would definitely recommend her.”
Gemma Francis
“I am so happy with my extensions. They look much much better than I thought they would. I have really fine hair and now I have thick (but not too thick!) long hair. The colour match is perfect and looks completely natural. I would no way be without my hair extensions now. I love them and they’re so easy to look after.”
Natasha Blake
“Shannel did a such fantasic job with my hair extensions. They look completely natural and are really easy to blowdry. I was originally looking for keratin hair extensions but Shannel told me about her glueless hair extensions and hair weaves during the consultation, I chose the glueless hair extensions. I really love them. Thanks Shannel!”
Lucia Hersh

How Do Permanent Hair Extensions Compare To Clip In Hair Extensions?

Permanent hair extensions are attached to your natural hair for a fixed period of time and clip in hair extensions are attached to your hair temporarily with metal combs.  The great thing about permanent hair extensions is that they are professionally fitted to your hair.  Your hair extension technician should be an expert at hair extension placement so you are likely to end up with a very natural result. Permanent hair extensions can be coloured, cut and styled to blend in with your own hair as the placement will not change over time.  If you are planning to wear extensions daily then permanent hair extensions would be more appropriate.

Clip in hair extensions are great for occasional use.  If you would like to wear extensions for a special event like a wedding or a birthday then clip in hair extensions are a great choice.  It’s not advisable to wear clip in hair extensions regularly or overnight as the metal combs can cause your hair shaft to eventually fray which eventually leads to breakage.  If you choose to wear clip in hair extensions it’s best to limit your usage to once a fortnight.

Last updated Wednesday 4th February 2015

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